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Power supply company arrangement opinion survey work. Second education resources

2,hogan, the leadership set corrective actions. Leadership should be combined with the actual work, according to "improve the quality of Party members, strengthen grass-roots group
fabric, service people, promote each work" the objectives and requirements, outstanding problems in organization of Party members and Party's own existence, the masses of party, the political wind, the strong outstanding problems, problems involving the vital interests of the people,converse, effect of reform and development problems of stable, formulate rectification plans. Rectification plan to be paid attention to the absorption of team member individual measures, to highlight the pertinence and effectiveness, accomplish "Five", namely: one is thinking of rectification clear; two is the rectification of the specific matters and clear rectification goals; three is the strict rectification work; four is a clear rectification time; five is a perfect implementation measures and methods. Draw up programmes must be closely combined with the work practice, adhere to the principle of seek truth from facts, fully consider the problem of order of priority and the degree of difficulty, not only have the goal in the near future, but also have a long-term arrangement; both must consider the need to solve problems, but also to consider the feasibility, problem solving ability, do everything in one's power, not to mention the high goals and unrealistic slogans. The opinions of the masses, the biggest things not satisfactory, the people most want to do, the current can do things as the focus of rectification work. Some of the long-term not very good solve problems, be bold, starting from the most weak link, put forward the improvement scheme stage,hogan outlet, and strive to achieve a breakthrough. Relating to the long-term development of society and the improvement measures, we should conscientiously do a good job of investigation and study,louboutin, feasibility study, and resolutely prevent formalism.

, formulate rectification measures and rectification (April 28th to May 14th)

1, Party members to formulate rectification measures. Based on analyzing the appraisal stage work, every Party member should be controlled party spirit analysis, in view of the existing in their thinking, work, work,Lanvin Shoes, discipline and other aspects of the problem, according to comments made by the masses and party organization, make feasible reform measures. Ordinary Party members to improve the style of work, improve efficiency, improve service,air jordan pas cher, improve people's feelings as the focus of rectification; leading cadres to implement the scientific outlook on development, the correct achievements view and do for the people,converse pas cher, pragmatic,louboutin pas cher, honest as the focus of rectification. Rectification measures should have strong operability,air jordan, which have near the rectification measures,Lanvin Sneakers, but also the long-term direction.
3, a careful examination of the corrective actions and improvement scheme. The members of the leading group of the whole

reform measures by the party responsible for comrades audit, municipal supervision group match; rectification plan leading group and leading comrades in charge of corrective measures by the municipal Party committee of company in charge of the leadership review, municipal supervision group cooperation; Party rectification measures, approved by the local branch. Rectification programme leadership collective leadership decided to study, and to listen to the views of the steering group. In the examination, should focus on the examination of the corrective actions and improvement scheme to do the "four clear": one is >
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