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for flexible air travelers
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Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Mount Vernon publisher subpoenaed in Ernie Davis probe

MOUNT VERNON The longtime publisher of the Mount Vernon Inquirer newspaper has been subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury in an investigation surrounding Mount Vernon Mayor Ernest Davis.
Joe Parisi revealed in an online edition of his newspaper Wednesday that he has been �inexplicably ordered to appear before a grand jury concerning an ongoing investigation on Mayor Davis� finances and real estate holdings and the charitable organizations he founded during his prior terms in office.�
Parisi, who Cheap Oakley Sunglasses said he Ray Ban Outlet rented office space for several years in Ray Ban Outlet a building that Davis owns in Mount Vernon, wrote that several months ago, FBI agents ordered him http://www.problogger.net/archives/2005/04/19/which-blogging-platform-is-best/ to turn over canceled rent checks and told him he would have to appear before a federal grand jury in the investigation.
Parisi said he received a Oakley Fuel Cell call on Tuesday from an Internal Revenue Service agent who asked to meet him at his home to serve him with the subpoena. He said the document orders him to appear Tuesday before a grand jury.
Reached by telephone Wednesday, Parisi refused to reveal additional details.
Asked about the subpoena Wednesday, Davis, 74, said that he had �no response for it.�
�He is responding to the authorities,� he said of Parisi. �He�s given them checks that he said is rent. Case Louboutin Outlet closed, as far as I�m concerned.�
Parisi�s canceled checks and subpoena are among the latest developments in the controversy surrounding Davis, with the FBI and IRS probing his business dealings and real estate holdings � at least 10 properties in three states, including a Yonkers riverfront condominium and homes Fake Oakley Sunglasses in Virginia Beach and Delray Beach, Fla.
In February, tenants of a historic townhouse Davis owns in upper Manhattan told The Journal News that federal investigators had collected their canceled rent checks to determine whether he failed to report rental income.
The probe has included earlier subpoenas of people close to http://www.malomaal.com/free/ray-ban-eyeglasses-duke-hip-hop-syracuse-1610-in-your-ncaa-lacrosse-final_/ Davis, including city staffers. Earlier this year, two of his former secretaries were served, and this month, The Journal News obtained a copy of a subpoena served on City Clerk George Brown, ordering him �to testify and give evidence in regard to an alleged violation of federal criminal law.�
Brown declined to comment.
Davis has remained defiant in the face of the mounting federal scrutiny. A former Westchester County legislator, he was elected to his first term as mayor in 1996 and remained in office until he was ousted by former county Legislator Clinton Young. Davis returned to office after winning the 2011 mayoral election.